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Promoting resilience and creative problem-solving in African youth through experiential STEM education!

The Challenge

75% of school-aged children in Uganda were out-of-school prior to the pandemic due to barriers like financial constraints and physical distance to a school. At the end of 2021, most children in Uganda have lost 2 full years of schooling, with limited educational resources provided. The vast majority of children and youth do not have smart phones, internet, or TV's. So most content offers no interaction, and anyone providing that content has no way of knowing if anyone is watching, listening, or reading.

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Yiya's Solution

Yiya AirScience is an offline learning app that uses only basic keypad phones and radios to remove barriers to learning for children in last-mile populations, as well as to increase learner competencies, appetite for STEM, and scientific curiosity.

A Groundbreaking Education Model

Yiya AirScience reimagines the remote delivery of interactive education to make it accessible to all youths. We provide equitable access to remote, offline, interactive, and high-quality STEM learning experiences. We believe the key to helping youth chart their own paths lies in teaching them resilience, creativity, and flexible thinking. These three life skills are at the core of every Yiya engineering project that we teach young people.

“I got to learn very many things from the program over the radio like how to make solar food dryers, how to identify problems and also how to come up with ideas to solve those problems in my community.” 

Okello Patrick

“Yiya Airscience has helped me learn a lot during the pandemic when schools were closed, it gave me a lot of creative ideas but the new innovation like making the solar food dryer was one of my best during the program"

Achola Loy Abora

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Invest in the next generation of African Scientists, Engineers, and Leaders!

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