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Our Impact

Yiya uses experiential STEM lessons to leverage the resilience of young people in Uganda and to increase their creativity in problem solving! 


We believe that access to education is a human right and we are committed to providing equitable access to our STEM content, for ALL young people regardless of their living circumstances, family income, or geographic location.


Our impact data is collected through baseline and endline surveys that we remotely conduct via USSD on at least 5,000 active users in every course!

We ask additional questions to targeted groups via the USSD through the duration of the course, and conduct follow-on interviews with individuals that fall into specific groups identified through the surveys and by populations, to obtain more detailed qualitative data and identify the areas of most meaningful impact.

Participating in just one Yiya AirScence STEM course, students gain:

Practical life skills

Using the engineering design process to creatively solve problems in their local communities.

Hands-on Technical skills

Applying science and math to create technologies. Yiya students have created technologies such as hand sanitizers, organic pesticides, bicycle powered phone chargers.

Practical business skills

Using the technologies they create during our courses to start a business.

Impact stories


Pauline is a 17 year old adolescent and a student in the Yiya AirScience program. She lives in Lukome, 4km from Gulu City centre. She had completed Senior 4 before the pandemic.

Pauline listened to Yiya AirScience while farming in her family’s fields. Not only did she successfully create her solar food dryer prototype, but she runs mini Yiya AirScience lessons for younger kids in her village during the afternoon when it is too hot to work in the fields.

Jackie is a Yiya AirScience student from Lira district in northern Uganda. Prior to COVID-19, Jackie was a top student who loved science, and was about to finish O Level (middle school). During the lockdown, however, she became pregnant and was told she would not be allowed to return to school once they reopened, which was devastating for her and her parents. But a caring teacher introduced her to the Yiya AirScience program and she tuned into every lesson! She received a prize for the most correct answers on quizzes for the month of October. Her prize was a materials kit to build the second prototype of her solar food dryer!


"Yiya AirScience has helped me to acquire skills on how to build the solar food dryer and how it works. I now know how to build a solar food dryer. I used to participate in the program by answering the questions via USSD code. I always get immediate feedback, when using it, I was congratulated for a question I answered correctly. I made my solar food dryer and started using it straight away by drying my fruits and vegetables. I have told more people to join the program since I wouldn 't wish to benefit alone as I continue to supply vegetables to people."

- Brenda from Purongo, Nwoya district Northern Uganda

Our learning app collects detailed data analytics which we use to respond flexibly and quickly to user needs!

After a little more than a year in operation, the Yiya AirScience app is just on the cusp of reaching 50,000 youth in Uganda!

The graph above shows how many students interacted with our learning app each month throughout one of our courses. We are delighted by the enthusiastic and consistent participation of so many users spread far geographically across Northern Uganda!

Pilot one course enrollments (1).png
_Pilot two course enrollments.png

Invest in the next generation of African Scientists, Engineers, and Leaders!

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