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Happy Day of Giving Thanks!

It takes a village to create impactful, sustainable, long-lasting change! On this special day of counting our blessings, we want to say our warmest wholehearted THANK YOU to everyone who has generously supported, partnered, donated, and championed our Yiya AirScience vision in 2021! Your support has helped make Yiya AirScience the most accessible, low cost virtual classroom for Ugandan youth who don't have internet or smart devices! There are too many of you to appreciate in one newsletter please know, from the bottom of our hearts, we truly appreciate you all.

Thank you for helping Yiya get STEM education to every child!

Apwoyo Matek! Apwoyo Atek! Eyalama! Webare! Asante sana! Weebale nnyo!

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