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It's #GivingTuesday!

I know you've gotten one million emails today already.

We almost didn't send this email, because spamming our amazing Yiya community of support is the LAST thing we want to do. And we've already sent a lot of emails in the past few days.

However, we've sent this email anyway because the truth is, Yiya AirScience has 50,000 users and we're so proud of that!...But there are literally tens of thousands more kids in rural Uganda who are desperate for the opportunity to learn science and math, who want the chance to shape a better future for themselves and their families.

There are many ways to support and invest in our mission, and our Yiya community of support are the absolute best champions we could ask for! Throughout 2021, we have had invaluable contributions from volunteers, board members, advisors, and pro bono and in-kind services. We are so grateful.

But on this day (and for the rest of the year for our annual fundraising campaign), we are asking for your financial investment in providing quality STEM education so that100,000 children in 2022can learn via Yiya AirScience, our remote, offline feature phone-based app!

Thank you, thank you, for believing in our vision.

Warmly, Erin & Samson

Apwoyo Matek!

Apwoyo Atek!



Asante sana!

Weebale nnyo!

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