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Yiya AirScience Launch!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

In response to school closures from COVID-19, Yiya designed a brand new offline remote learning program called Yiya AirScience.

Yiya AirScience is an interactive STEM remote learning experience designed for rural populations that have no access to internet, smartphones, or academic materials. Instead,

Yiya AirScience uses only technologies that are readily available in all communities of rural Africa: simple keypad phones and radios. Yiya AirScience launched in late August and already we have over 15,000 Ugandan youth participating, and the numbers of young people registering are increasing every day!

Yiya AirScience Quick Facts
  • 15,000+ youth registered just 5 weeks into the program launch!

  • 5,000+ youth actively engage in the program everyday by listening to radio lessons and submitting responses to questions via free USSD messaging on a keypad phone.

  • 30% of users are youth who were not enrolled in school before the pandemic!

  • In this first unit of our Yiya AirScience pilot, youth are making solar food dryers; an inexpensive technology that demonstrates how to apply science concepts using the engineering design process and common household items to solve the problem of post-harvest storage in rural regions.

  • Families are participating in the Yiya AirScience program together! Young people and their parents/caretakers are listening to the radio lessons, working on the hands-on science experiments, and then submitting lesson responses via a shared phone.

Help Keep Young People Innovating There are so many youth hungry for the practical, hands-on science and engineering learning experiences that Yiya AirScience is providing. The cost for each learner is only $0.14 per day! Not only have we attracted more youth to the program faster than expected, but our engagement is significantly higher than other remote learning models have demonstrated, which also increases the overall costs. We have promising partnerships in the works to expand this ground-breaking learning model to reach all of Uganda, but we need your support to complete the next 5 weeks of the pilot. Please help us continue to provide this innovative program to ever-increasing numbers of young people by supporting us on PayPal, or you can mail a donation via check to our US office at Yiya Solutions, Inc, PO Box 144, Canterbury NH 03224. Donations are tax-deductible in the US.

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