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Yiya is Hiring!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022



Job title: Software Engineering Manager

Direct supervisor: Chief Executive Officer

Department: Technical Development

Location: Ideally, in person in Kampala, Uganda. A remote position is also possible, and the candidate must have at minimum 4 overlapping working hours with the Uganda office.

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW Yiya Engineering Solutions is a Ugandan-registered organization whose mission is to increase resilience and creative problem solving in African youth through experiential STEM education. We are on a mission to create the next generation of African innovators and inventors. Yiya is creating the first Massive Open OFFLINE Course (MOOC) platform for last mile populations that currently do not have access to internet or smart devices, in order to make engaging high quality education accessible, and close the gap for the millions of youth who aren’t in school. Our remote STEM program is Yiya AirScience. The platform built for this remote learning program, that will soon host other educational content from clients, is Yiya AirLearning. As Software Engineering Manager, you will lead the technical team in developing a cutting edge learning management system innovating on existing technology and resources, and be part of a world class team in transforming the ways learners in Africa access and engage with educational material.


  • To lead and support the development, review, and maintenance of the Yiya AirLearning USSD platform software and databases.

  • To provide mentorship and leadership to the members of the Technical team.

  • To provide support in building and maintaining the Business Intelligence platform, and training the team.

  • To collaborate with the Monitoring & Evaluation team to ensure the data is yielding valuable, user driven insights to improve Yiya’s product.

  • To collaborate with the User Experience team in the development of platform features, and use of Gitbook.

  • Consult with leadership to build and implement a 5 year, 1 year, and rolling monthly engineering vision.


  • Manages the definition and development of technical products or services.

  • Instinctively understands how other products, systems and processes will interface with their product.

  • Ensures key project documentation and reporting is delivered.

  • Co-ordinates team delivery of development project(s).

  • Day to day contact with external suppliers to project (where relevant).

  • Escalates where necessary.

  • Manages technical product development and operational support.

  • Manages staff and assigns tasks to the technical team.

  • Oversees project logistics and resource allocation.

  • Strives to improve efficiency and sustainability of processes and product designs, and to reduce waste.

  • Helps to create and oversee project budgets, and engages in cost management strategies.

  • Advocates on behalf of tech team members by securing adequate resources for success.

  • Communicates technical information clearly to non-technical stakeholders, including internal and potential customers.

  • Maintains high level of expertise in their field or sector.

  • Assures that processes meet quality and safety compliance guidelines.

  • Collaborates with other team leaders and departments.

  • Forges and maintains relationships with customers.


  1. Significant and demonstrable software development experience with Python, and ideally any combination PHP and linux.

  2. Demonstrable experience of working in an agile delivery context, familiar with INVEST principles and the role of product owner in SCRUM, KANBAN and other lean methodologies.

  3. Familiarity or experience working with any of the following: AWS computing resources or data warehouses, Business Intelligence platforms, analytics on large datasets.

  4. Demonstrable experience of working in a position where product ownership of a technical product or platform (including decisions on scope, prioritisation, timelines, resources, and evangelising the product) is/was a major component of the role.

  5. Candidates will be able to demonstrate with examples how they have used industry standard product management skills to shape and deliver technical products or platforms.

  6. Ability to work in partnership and actively collaborate with colleagues across the organisation, including leadership, teambuilding, and mentoring skills.

  7. Good presentation, communication, and interpersonal skills. Proven ability to communicate complex processes at all levels. Experience of presenting innovative ideas in order to secure senior management and strategic support.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering.

Desirable Experience:

  1. Formal Product Management experience for a technical product or platform.

  2. Experience working with Telecoms, telecom service providers (such as Africa’s Talking), building and maintaining a USSD short code and the corresponding external relationships required (both government–such as UCC (Uganda Communications Commission)--and clients).

Desirable skills:

  1. Proficient in PHP, Java, linux, and familiar with Github, Matlab, SQL, CI/CD. (Python skill essential)

  2. Demonstrate some understanding of the change management challenges faced when introducing new production systems into work environments.

  3. Ability to simplify complex problems or projects into component parts and evaluate them systematically.

  4. Ability to look at existing situations in innovative ways and come up with creative solutions.

Cultural fit:

We are looking for some who embodies our values:

  • RELIABILITY: We are consistent and always eager to support one another.

  • EMPATHY: We are human-centered designers and ensure that our decision-making is led by our users’ perspectives, interests, and needs.

  • DYNAMIC & RESPONSIVE: We are flexible and seek out alternative solutions when challenges arise or circumstances change.

  • INNOVATION: We are disruptive thinkers and lean into constraints that push us to stretch our creativity and inventiveness.

  • GROWTH: We are reflective and give/receive feedback positively, constructively, and warmly.

Job type: Full time

Benefits: Paid Time Off (5 days after every 3 months in the first year, and 21 days/year after 1 year), health care expense reimbursement budget, internet stipend, NSSF (for Ugandans).

How to apply: If you’re enthusiastic about our mission and you have the experience and skills for this job, email your CV and cover letter to

We value employees who are eager to learn and grow, so if you don’t check all the required boxes but you can demonstrate that you are a quick learner who can get there in a short period of time, we encourage you to apply.

We will contact candidates we identify as qualified for interviews as we receive applications. You can expect 2-3 rounds of interviews. Ideally we would like this position to be filled in early July.

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