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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Someone Else’s Child (SEC)! With “an emphasis on education, literacy, and economic justice, Someone Else’s Child looks to break the cycle of inequality through innovative approaches that offer meaningful opportunities for vulnerable children.” SEC has provided a generous financial grant to support the Yiya AirScience program.

The grant received through SEC will help fund the next Yiya AirScience unit in which students will learn how to design solar panels. Students will use this technology to not only power lighting at their homes and charge cell phones (like the basic keypad phones they use for AirScience!), but also venture into businesses related to creating, selling, and repairing solar panels.

Each Yiya AirScience course shows students how to use the engineering design process to build one technology that can directly impact their livelihoods and also transform their communities. The technology in our pilot was solar food dryers, and we have many stories of students who refined their dryers and then made plans to create a business with them: either selling the service of drying foods, or selling the dryers they build. The technology we are designing for the next course, beginning May 1st, is solar cells.

Yiya AirScience is providing interactive STEM learning experiences to over 26,000 youths in Uganda using only basic keypad phones and radios. We are so excited to bring our offline and interactive engineering courses to even more students with our partnership with SEC.

SEC is working to break cycles of poverty through empowering youth. At Yiya, we train African youth to develop technology projects that transform their communities by solving local challenges and creating sustainable livelihoods. We are empowering the next generation of Ugandans to be problem solvers and change-makers not only in their own communities, but for the problems facing the whole world.

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