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We couldn’t be more thrilled to have been selected in the MIT Global Solve Challenge for the 2020 cohort! We are honored to join the Solver community and look forward to getting to know all the other Solvers and working together to build our innovative solutions. We have to take a moment to thank the families of Uganda who have joined us on Yiya AirScience , who are excited and engaged in learning STEM and applying their knowledge to solve problems in their own communities, even during these challenging times when schools are closed.

And we want to thank all our supporters who are helping us to bring this innovative solution to life! The Uganda Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MoSTI), is an integral partner in expanding this program to all youth in Uganda! Thank you to Lisa and David Issroff, and GlobalGiving for providing COVID-19 crisis response funds to Yiya, which were used to help develop our pivot to remote learning via Yiya AirScience. Many thanks to the Washburn Fund for Uganda, Caroline Lowenthal & Sam Ribnick, Rich Jeong, and the Corcoran family for donating funds to support the Yiya AirScience pilot! Thanks to Thin Void Limited for donating time and expertise to develop our state-of-the-art Yiya AirScience system, which allows us to synchronize robocalls, SMS, USSD menus, and radio lessons, as well track user engagement in real-time via an online dashboard! And of course, so many thanks to the judges at MIT Solve for believing in our vision!

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